Announcing TKey Unlocked and TKey Programmer

Today we’re announcing two new products
– TKey Unlocked
– TKey Programmer

What are they?

Tkey Unlocked is a non-provisioned TKey ( for advanced users that want to provision their TKeys themselves, experiment with new hardware designs, or change the bootloader firmware.

Tkey Programmer is a circuit board designed to aid the provisioning and programming process of TKey Unlocked.

Whom are they for?

– High-security organisations or individuals that do not want to trust Tillitis in the provisioning of the device
– Hardware designers who want to expand or replace our FPGA design
– Software developers who want to change or replace our bootloader firmware

Note: You do not need a TKey Unlocked if you want to develop TKey apps. You can do that just fine with a regular TKey.

What are the main features of Tkey Unlocked?

– Choose your own Unique Device Secret (UDS), the base secret of measurements and key material (read more in this tech post)
– Choose your own Unique Device Identifier (UDI), the serial number
– Empty FPGA (except for production test design in SPI flash)
– Full control of the firmware running on the TKey
– Experiment with the full capacity of the Lattice ICE40 UltraPlus

Get started with TKey Unlocked

To get started, you need a TKey Unlocked, but remember that you also need a TKey Programmer. Then you just follow our instructions in the Tillitis Developer Handbook, You can choose to either “lockdown” the device by programming the FPGA’s NVCM, or you can test your design and/or firmware by programming the SPI flash again and again.
Be aware that you only have one chance to program the NVCM; whatever you write is what you will live with.

Tkey Unlocked is available in our webshop,